After my divorce, I was going thru, what I felt as a life crisis. This life change affected every part of what I believed in regarding family. I had so many changes going on at one time. My divorce Attorney recommended several divorce/family law practices in MA. My second attorney interview was with The Law Offices of Lisa Graff, where I met Lisa Graff, Amy Dawson and Rhonda Rand. I was convinced then and there that they were the team I Wanted to represent me. The Law Offices of Lisa J. Graff encompasses integrity, knowledge of family law, compassion and trust in handling my personal affairs and helping me as the client make sound decisions to get your life back in order. The most important aspect of my circumstances is that the team always kept what was in the best interest of my child in the forefront. I recommend the Law Offices of Lisa J. Graff for any one going thru divorce and/or family challenges.